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Speeches (Lines) for Spirit
in "Henry VI, Part II"

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Bolingbroke. Patience, good lady; wizards know their times:
Deep night, dark night, the silent of the night,
The time of night when Troy was set on fire;
The time when screech-owls cry and ban-dogs howl,
And spirits walk and ghosts break up their graves,
That time best fits the work we have in hand.
Madam, sit you and fear not: whom we raise,
We will make fast within a hallow'd verge.
[Here they do the ceremonies belonging, and make the]
circle; BOLINGBROKE or SOUTHWELL reads, Conjuro te,
&c. It thunders and lightens terribly; then the
Spirit riseth]

Spirit. Adsum.



Margaret Jourdain. Asmath,
By the eternal God, whose name and power
Thou tremblest at, answer that I shall ask;
For, till thou speak, thou shalt not pass from hence.

Spirit. Ask what thou wilt. That I had said and done!



(stage directions). [Reading out of a paper]

Spirit. The duke yet lives that Henry shall depose;
But him outlive, and die a violent death.



Bolingbroke. 'What fates await the Duke of Suffolk?'

Spirit. By water shall he die, and take his end.



Bolingbroke. 'What shall befall the Duke of Somerset?'

Spirit. Let him shun castles;
Safer shall he be upon the sandy plains
Than where castles mounted stand.
Have done, for more I hardly can endure.