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Speeches (Lines) for Gaoler
in "Winter's Tale"

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Paulina. The keeper of the prison, call to him;
let him have knowledge who I am.
[Exit Gentleman]
Good lady,
No court in Europe is too good for thee;
What dost thou then in prison?
[Re-enter Gentleman, with the Gaoler]
Now, good sir,
You know me, do you not?

Gaoler. For a worthy lady
And one whom much I honour.



Paulina. Pray you then,
Conduct me to the queen.

Gaoler. I may not, madam:
To the contrary I have express commandment.



Paulina. Here's ado,
To lock up honesty and honour from
The access of gentle visitors!
Is't lawful, pray you,
To see her women? any of them? Emilia?

Gaoler. So please you, madam,
To put apart these your attendants, I
Shall bring Emilia forth.



(stage directions). [Exeunt Gentleman and Attendants]

Gaoler. And, madam,
I must be present at your conference.



Emilia. Now be you blest for it!
I'll to the queen: please you,
come something nearer.

Gaoler. Madam, if't please the queen to send the babe,
I know not what I shall incur to pass it,
Having no warrant.



Paulina. You need not fear it, sir:
This child was prisoner to the womb and is
By law and process of great nature thence
Freed and enfranchised, not a party to
The anger of the king nor guilty of,
If any be, the trespass of the queen.

Gaoler. I do believe it.