The Passionate Pilgrim

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Act I, Scene 6


  • Shakespeare. Scarce had the sun dried up the dewy morn,
    And scarce the herd gone to the hedge for shade,
    When Cytherea, all in love forlorn,
    A longing tarriance for Adonis made 75
    Under an osier growing by a brook,
    A brook where Adon used to cool his spleen:
    Hot was the day; she hotter that did look
    For his approach, that often there had been.
    Anon he comes, and throws his mantle by, 80
    And stood stark naked on the brook's green brim:
    The sun look'd on the world with glorious eye,
    Yet not so wistly as this queen on him.
    He, spying her, bounced in, whereas he stood:
    'O Jove,' quoth she, 'why was not I a flood!' 85

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