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in "Henry IV, Part II"

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Lord Chief Justice. What's he that goes there?

Servant. Falstaff, an't please your lordship.



Lord Chief Justice. He that was in question for the robb'ry?

Servant. He, my lord; but he hath since done good service at
Shrewsbury, and, as I hear, is now going with some charge to
Lord John of Lancaster.



Lord Chief Justice. What, to York? Call him back again.

Servant. Sir John Falstaff!



Lord Chief Justice. I am sure he is, to the hearing of anything
Go, pluck him by the elbow; I must speak with him.

Servant. Sir John!



Falstaff. What! a young knave, and begging! Is there not wars?
there not employment? Doth not the King lack subjects? Do not
rebels need soldiers? Though it be a shame to be on any side
one, it is worse shame to beg than to be on the worst side,
it worse than the name of rebellion can tell how to make it.

Servant. You mistake me, sir.



Falstaff. Why, sir, did I say you were an honest man? Setting
knighthood and my soldiership aside, I had lied in my throat
had said so.

Servant. I pray you, sir, then set your knighthood and your
soldiership aside; and give me leave to tell you you in your
throat, if you say I am any other than an honest man.



Falstaff. I give thee leave to tell me so! I lay aside that
grows to me! If thou get'st any leave of me, hang me; if thou
tak'st leave, thou wert better be hang'd. You hunt counter.
Hence! Avaunt!

Servant. Sir, my lord would speak with you.

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