Speeches (Lines) for Robin
in "Merry Wives of Windsor"

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(stage directions). [Enter ROBIN]

Robin. Sir, here's a woman would speak with you.



Mistress Page. Nay, keep your way, little gallant; you were wont to
be a follower, but now you are a leader. Whether
had you rather lead mine eyes, or eye your master's heels?

Robin. I had rather, forsooth, go before you like a man
than follow him like a dwarf.



Mistress Page. I cannot tell what the dickens his name is my
husband had him of. What do you call your knight's
name, sirrah?

Robin. Sir John Falstaff.



Mistress Ford. How now, my eyas-musket! what news with you?

Robin. My master, Sir John, is come in at your back-door,
Mistress Ford, and requests your company.



Mistress Page. You little Jack-a-Lent, have you been true to us?

Robin. Ay, I'll be sworn. My master knows not of your
being here and hath threatened to put me into
everlasting liberty if I tell you of it; for he
swears he'll turn me away.



Mistress Ford. Nay, I must tell you, so you do; or else I could not
be in that mind.

Robin. [Within] Mistress Ford, Mistress Ford! here's
Mistress Page at the door, sweating and blowing and
looking wildly, and would needs speak with you presently.

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