Speeches (Lines) for Ralph Mouldy
in "Henry IV, Part II"

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Robert Shallow. Where's the roll? Where's the roll? Where's the roll?
me see, let me see, let me see. So, so, so, so,—so, so—yea,
marry, sir. Rafe Mouldy! Let them appear as I call; let them
so, let them do so. Let me see; where is Mouldy?

Ralph Mouldy. Here, an't please you.



Falstaff. Is thy name Mouldy?

Ralph Mouldy. Yea, an't please you.



Falstaff. Prick him.

Ralph Mouldy. I was prick'd well enough before, an you could have let
alone. My old dame will be undone now for one to do her
and her drudgery. You need not to have prick'd me; there are
other men fitter to go out than I.



Falstaff. Go to; peace, Mouldy; you shall go. Mouldy, it is
you were spent.

Ralph Mouldy. Spent!



Bardolph. Go to; stand aside.

Ralph Mouldy. And, good Master Corporal Captain, for my old dame's
stand my friend. She has nobody to do anything about her when
am gone; and she is old, and cannot help herself. You shall
forty, sir.

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