Speeches (Lines) for Peter Bullcalf
in "Henry IV, Part II"

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Falstaff. Yea, marry, let's see Bullcalf.

Peter Bullcalf. Here, sir.



Falstaff. Fore God, a likely fellow! Come, prick me Bullcalf
he roar again.

Peter Bullcalf. O Lord! good my lord captain-



Falstaff. What, dost thou roar before thou art prick'd?

Peter Bullcalf. O Lord, sir! I am a diseased man.



Falstaff. What disease hast thou?

Peter Bullcalf. A whoreson cold, sir, a cough, sir, which I caught
ringing in the King's affairs upon his coronation day, sir.



(stage directions). Exeunt FALSTAFF and the JUSTICES

Peter Bullcalf. Good Master Corporate Bardolph, stand my friend; and
here's four Harry ten shillings in French crowns for you. In
truth, sir, I had as lief be hang'd, sir, as go. And yet, for
mine own part, sir, I do not care; but rather because I am
unwilling and, for mine own part, have a desire to stay with
friends; else, sir, I did not care for mine own part so much.

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