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in "Richard III"

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(stage directions). [Enter the ARCHBISHOP OF YORK, young YORK, QUEEN ELIZABETH, and the DUCHESS OF YORK]

Thomas Rotherham. Last night, I hear, they lay at Northampton;
At Stony-Stratford will they be to-night:
To-morrow, or next day, they will be here.



Duchess of York. Good faith, good faith, the saying did not hold
In him that did object the same to thee;
He was the wretched'st thing when he was young,
So long a-growing and so leisurely,
That, if this rule were true, he should be gracious.

Thomas Rotherham. Why, madam, so, no doubt, he is.



Queen Elizabeth. A parlous boy: go to, you are too shrewd.

Thomas Rotherham. Good madam, be not angry with the child.



(stage directions). [Enter a Messenger]

Thomas Rotherham. Here comes a messenger. What news?



Queen Elizabeth. You have no cause.

Thomas Rotherham. My gracious lady, go;
And thither bear your treasure and your goods.
For my part, I'll resign unto your grace
The seal I keep: and so betide to me
As well I tender you and all of yours!
Come, I'll conduct you to the sanctuary.

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