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Speeches (Lines) for Third Watchman
in "Henry VI, Part III"

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Second Watchman. To-morrow then belike shall be the day,
If Warwick be so near as men report.

Third Watchman. But say, I pray, what nobleman is that
That with the king here resteth in his tent?



First Watchman. 'Tis the Lord Hastings, the king's chiefest friend.

Third Watchman. O, is it so? But why commands the king
That his chief followers lodge in towns about him,
While he himself keeps in the cold field?



Second Watchman. 'Tis the more honour, because more dangerous.

Third Watchman. Ay, but give me worship and quietness;
I like it better than a dangerous honour.
If Warwick knew in what estate he stands,
'Tis to be doubted he would waken him.