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in "Richard III"

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(stage directions). [Enter another Messenger]

Third Messenger. My lord, the army of the Duke of Buckingham—



Richard III (Duke of Gloucester). Out on you, owls! nothing but songs of death?
[He striketh him]
Take that, until thou bring me better news.

Third Messenger. The news I have to tell your majesty
Is, that by sudden floods and fall of waters,
Buckingham's army is dispersed and scatter'd;
And he himself wander'd away alone,
No man knows whither.



Richard III (Duke of Gloucester). I cry thee mercy:
There is my purse to cure that blow of thine.
Hath any well-advised friend proclaim'd
Reward to him that brings the traitor in?

Third Messenger. Such proclamation hath been made, my liege.

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