Speeches (Lines) for Sir Henry Guildford
in "Henry VIII"

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(stage directions). [Hautboys. A small table under a state for CARDINAL]
WOLSEY, a longer table for the guests. Then enter
ANNE and divers other Ladies and Gentlemen as
guests, at one door; at another door, enter GUILDFORD]

Sir Henry Guildford. Ladies, a general welcome from his grace
Salutes ye all; this night he dedicates
To fair content and you: none here, he hopes,
In all this noble bevy, has brought with her
One care abroad; he would have all as merry
As, first, good company, good wine, good welcome,
Can make good people. O, my lord, you're tardy:
[Enter Chamberlain, SANDS, and LOVELL]
The very thought of this fair company
Clapp'd wings to me.

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