Speeches (Lines) for First Petitioner
in "Henry VI, Part II"

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(stage directions). [Enter three or four Petitioners, PETER, the]
Armourer's man, being one]

First Petitioner. My masters, let's stand close: my lord protector
will come this way by and by, and then we may deliver
our supplications in the quill.



Earl of Suffolk. How now, fellow! would'st anything with me?

First Petitioner. I pray, my lord, pardon me; I took ye for my lord



Queen Margaret. [Reading] 'To my Lord Protector!' Are your
supplications to his lordship? Let me see them:
what is thine?

First Petitioner. Mine is, an't please your grace, against John
Goodman, my lord cardinal's man, for keeping my
house, and lands, and wife and all, from me.

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